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I. Introduction
   1. Regarding This Site
   2. Overview
   3. Disclaimer
II. A Brief LSD History
   1. Who made it, how is             it made.
   2. Legality Status
III. LSD Chemical Facts
   1. Composition
   2. Effects On Brain
   3. LSD Time Line
   4. Dosage, Etc.
IV. F.A.Q and Myths
   1. Questions commonly        asked and myths           disproven.
V. Virgin Voyage
   1. Guidelines and        useful info for first        time trippers
   2. Rules for trip sitters

Trip Toys - Stuff to play with and interest you during your trip. Buy toys online with our virtual store!

Cook Book - Homemade LSD made easy.

Multimedia - movies, music and games that are best on acid. Buy movies and CD with our virtual store!

Trip Scheduler - good places for a trip, and fun stuff to do during it.

Story Corner - Read about some actual acid experiences, both good and bad. Various information on LSD as well.

LSD: My Problem Child- The full text book by Albert Hoffman for you to read online.

Links - We couldnt cover everything. Here are some more resources.

I need communication with all you acid heads out there! Dont hesitate to send me things! Email  PlastiK


Multimedia Madness

There are some entertainment things that are just so much better while tripping. Here is a list of things you can indulge in while on acid. A lot of these were made under the influence of acid, so it makes more sense if youre on it! If you have any good recommendations, please tell us!

Want to purchase it? Click on the video title to order it online from REEL.COM.

E.T. The Extraterrestrial - E.T seems like the only normal one it. Look for hidden faces and discover who else is an alien with them!
Jumanji - High-paced, jump out of your seat adventure. Watch as animals pop off the screen and dance for you
The Matrix - Best of the best! Awesome special effects and a soundscape to match!
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas - The whole movie is about a big acid trip! Live the movie with starring actor Johnny Depp. A must see!
Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy - It makes no sense when youre sober, but is a chockful of laughs and interest when youre stoned.
Candyman - The scariest trip you´ll ever have! Dont watch it alone!
Beetlejuice - With the Tim Burton appeal, this one is great. I recommend it for first time trippers.
Jurassic Park - Run! Dinosaurs!
Blair Witch Project - Its only scarey if youre high. Sorry, i wasnt amused while sober.
Beyond the Minds Eye - Pure computer graphics combined with an excellent sound track. It seems like this was meant to be a trip movie! A must buy!
Headcandy - Includes 3-D glasses. Pure kaleidoscope effects with cool visuals. A total in your face experience.

Want to purchase? Click on the band to order online from CD-NOW!

Aphex Twin (Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2) - Then again, anything by Aphex Twin is good. Full of analog sounds beeps, burbles, and ambient/repetative tunes that will entrance you rather well.
Baloney Muffler (Compilation of Extravagant Bizzarities/Mindmelt) - Great trippin´ tunes! Mindmelt isn´t out yet, but it is especially made for acid induced people. Compilation has some good stuff to. Search for them at
Bile (Suckpump) - Though I´m not sure where to get it, its a really hard techno-core album.
System of a Down - A few of their songs are about trippin, and most of them are pleasnant and catchy.
Steppenwolf´s Greatest Hits - Magic Carpet Ride & Born to be Wild our his two biggest hits. The rest of his music is great for a nice mellow trip.
George Thorogood & The Destroyers - He did bad to the bone amongst famous others.
Mr. Bungle - Some of the most unique music ever! Sounds like punk, but also sounds like Cajun...interesting...sure to enthrill you during a trip.


Mocha - One of the best tripping programs around! Responds to CD´s you put in your computer. Full of multiple kaliedoscope effects. If youre a math genious, you can design your own. Its only a 5 minute download, so go for it! (Sorry, IBM computers only)