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I. Introduction
   1. Regarding This Site
   2. Overview
   3. Disclaimer
II. A Brief LSD History
   1. Who made it, how is             it made.
   2. Legality Status
III. LSD Chemical Facts
   1. Composition
   2. Effects On Brain
   3. LSD Time Line
   4. Dosage, Etc.
IV. F.A.Q and Myths
   1. Questions commonly        asked and myths           disproven.
V. Virgin Voyage
   1. Guidelines and        useful info for first        time trippers
   2. Rules for trip sitters

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Trip Scheduler - good places for a trip, and fun stuff to do during it.

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LSD: My Problem Child- The full text book by Albert Hoffman for you to read online.

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F.A.Q on LSD & LSD Myths Disproven
IŽm sure people have many questions about this amazing drug, so thats what this is here for. The rest of the acid community is also getting pissed off about people throwing around dumb rumors about the drug. Therefore, we made a whole part disproving common LSD myths. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions about LSD

What is LSD?
LSD is the chemical abbreviation for lysergic acid diethylmide. It is a strong & potent psychadelic drug used to take "mind trips" in an awakened state.

Where do I purchase it?
You have to get in contact with drug dealers in your area. The best way to do it is find people who look like addicts and ask them. MAKE SURE YOU DO RESEARCH. Before you start, its always best to research the drug youll be using. Youll do it safer, keeping everyone happy. Because it is illegal, youŽll have to be careful that the person selling it is not a cop. If you ask them if they are a cop, they are required to say they are. Be cautious and be safe! It is normally 2 to 7 dollars depending on what youŽre buying.

Where and when should I use it?
Any time is good. Most people prefer night because their eyes become very light sensitive. You also get a better trip because of the sleep chemicals in your brain. As for where you do it, make sure it is a safe enviroment that you feel confortable in. Take a look at our trip scheduler for some advice on where to trip.

How dangerous is it?
Depends on the dosage. There has never been one reported LSD death due to an overdose, but people have died doing stupid things as a result of it. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE WHILE ON ACID! ALWAYS have a trip sitter with you to prevent you from acting irrationally. Suicide is common in depressed users & multi-drug users, so if youre feeling bad, dont do it. The largest dose of LSD ever taken was 320,000 micrograms! (thats over 2000 hits at once!) He lived, but he was forced into a mental institution. Other than that, LSD can be done safely. It all depends on your mood and the setting. Good mood & good setting will get you the best trip ever.

IŽve never tried acid before, but I want to. Any advice?
See our
Virgin Voyage guide. It tells you everything you first timers will need to know.

What are the long term effects?
The only serious long term effects can easily be avoided. Some users report permenant trails after their 30th trip. The flashback phenomenon is rare, but not unheard of, The best thing to do is space out how often you trip and drink plenty of orange juice or some other vitimin C containing substance.

Common LSD Myths

LSD is a bad drug no matter which way you look at it.
There are so many drugs that pose so much more danger to us than LSD. Can you remember the last LSD death or tragedy youve heard on the news? If so, it was probably a long time ago. More people are killed by legal drugs than this one. Deaths that are reported from LSD are from the way it causes you to behave. These are people who were not educated on this drug enough to have a guide supervising them. No two people are alike. For some people, it may be bad for them. For others it may not harm them at all. Unfortunately, the only way to find this out is by using it. There is a slight risk in doing this. People who report it to be a bad drug are people who have either: A) Used it once, had a bad trip, and left it at that. Afterall, why are you going to do something that is bad for you? Or B) They use many other drugs other than LSD. Multidrug users are the ones who are found in rehab centers. Anyone treated with an LSD "addiction" is simply told to avoid it, as the body can sucessfully go without it (not physically addicting). LSD variants (like the Psicylobin mushroom) have been used since the time of the Egyptians. People who do reports on the bad effects of it are taking the extreme cases. These reports are about people who have had over 500 trips in a life time and do other drugs besides LSD. Antidrug campaigns are not going to list the facts (you wouldnt necessarily tell a potential buyer about the various problems a car or house has would you?) Because it is a psychoactive drug, the effect is concrete on the basis of your mental state. Bad mood will result in a bad trip. Because many people are deluded to believe that LSD will solve their problems for them, they are wrong. Another reason it seems so bad is because it is illegal. The ironic truth though is that cigarettes and alcohol have killed more people than all the illegals drugs in existance. Cigarettes are just as harmful and more addictive than heroin, only that cigarettes kill you slowly over a period of time (400,000 deaths reported yearly of cigarette related deaths). There are many other drugs worse than LSD that could be mentioned. It is best that this drug is kept illegal, thus making obtaining it only accesabile to safe users of this drug. The last thing we need is people driving under the influence of LSD.

LSD users often have flashbacks
This is true, but flashbacks are rare for a lot of people and it is only true for heavy LSD users. This is an undeniable fact. However, people reporting major flashbacks have them as a result of unadulterated LSD use. Flashbacks that do occur are very short and pose little danger to the person. This may be something like being startled by an inanimate object, or actually seeing a hallucination. But this only occurs in heavy users. People whove had flashbacks with minimal LSD have them as results of various "bad trips."

LSD users often have bad trips.
Using drugs to solve problems will only make them worse. Here are some guidelines:
- do not use while feeling depressed, angry, nervous, or under severe mental stress
- Dont use it alone (ALWAYS have a sober "guide" with you. If you are getting high with someone else, keep track of each other with a buddy system type thing)
- DO NOT use any other drugs during your trip

Because LSD is a psychological drug, its effects vary on the mental state of the individual. Make sure you are in sound mental shape and use it only for recreation. LSD used under controlled conditions in a safe enviroment can make it an enlightening experience. Remember, Drugs never solve any problems.

LSD users eventually become "stupid" or insane.
Only true for heavy users. Let it be known that many of the acidheads and burn-outs are also involved in drugs other than LSD, so their behavior will probably not be a result of it. People with no life or nothing else to do will drop acid without any regards. I have talked to people who have taken over 100 trips in a span of two years and seem completely normal (though I greatly discourage anyone doing LSD in that much excess). Minimal LSD use, ironically enough, can increase the IQ in some individuals by opening new connections to different parts of the brain. The problem with LSD is that the brain can develop tolerance. Three 150 microgram hits over a period of week will render the user to become resistant to any amount less than or equal to 150 micrograms. At this point, the user will have to take more hits or a more potent hit to achieve the desired effect. Though LSD is not lethally harmful, any excess substance in the body is not good. The key to prevent this from happening is to space out your trips. 1 hit every 2 weeks is the minimum threshold to prevent this resistance. Another fallicy of LSD users are their intent to heighten their trip by doing other drugs. Quite the opposite is true. Receptors in the brain are a binary switch that can only be switched ON and OFF. All drugs are designed to switch the receptors on and off. Using other drugs that do the same thing can cause great mental confusion when it wears off, thus causing your brain trouble in deciding whether or not they are in the right position. Example, marajuana and LSD are both hallucinogenic drugs. Marajuana used during LSD usage will cause the switches that are already ON (the switches that cause euphoria and images) to be turned off. The end result is severe paranoia, brain loops (1 thought, sound or visual constantly seen in the mind), and greater time distortion. This can make you feel as if you are completely insane. DO NOT SMOKE, SHOOT UP, SNORT, INHALE, OR TAKE IN ANY OTHER DRUG WHILE ON LSD!

LSD is highly addictive.
LSD is only addictive if you believe it to be. Unlike most drugs, your body will not go into convulsions if you do not have it within a given time frame, and your brain will operate normall without it. It can be said more to be a psychosomatic addiction. The feelings and images resulting from use are more often than not, pleasurable and enlightening. Of course, everyone wants to feel good, so they will use it if they want that feeling. Once again, your brain can develop tolerance.

LSD Burns holes in your brain and stomach
This was disproven by a group of Harvard medical students. Its a myth that people commonly use to discourage LSD usage is by saying that it burns a hole in the brain. This is false for these reasons:
1) The amount of pure LSD in each hit that is commonly ingested is about 20 times smaller than a grain of salt. The rest is inert ingrediants.
2) Regarding that it can burn holes in the stomach, keep in mind that the stomach contains hydrochloric acid (HCl), which is much more acidic than LSD
3) You cannot ingest enough LSD to burn a hole in any part of your body, nor could anyone afford it to do so.
4) Blood contains a pH buffer (hemoglobin) which will regulate the strength of LSDŽs acidic properties.
5) LSD does not act directly on the brain. It remains at the base of the brain stem, flips a switch in the brain, and is neutralized, remaining within your spinal cord. Residual LSD ingrediants are stored in body fats were they are slowly, but eventually, emulsified.

Though it is an acid, it is not enough to do any damage. The pH of LSD is about 4 (sodas and orange juice have a pH of 2-3. Stomach acid is 1 pH.)