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I. Introduction
   1. Regarding This Site
   2. Overview
   3. Disclaimer
II. A Brief LSD History
   1. Who made it, how is             it made.
   2. Legality Status
III. LSD Chemical Facts
   1. Composition
   2. Effects On Brain
   3. LSD Time Line
   4. Dosage, Etc.
IV. F.A.Q and Myths
   1. Questions commonly        asked and myths           disproven.
V. Virgin Voyage
   1. Guidelines and        useful info for first        time trippers
   2. Rules for trip sitters

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LSD: My Problem Child- The full text book by Albert Hoffman for you to read online.

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I Take NO Responsiblity for your actions or fuck upīs while trying to make or use your own acid. Use these recipes at your own risk (Not that theyre dangerous, but theres always one screwed up person who will manage to kill himself some how or another)

If buying drugs is putting a dent in your wallet, maybe you should cut down a bit. If youīre a person who enjoys chemistry and science, or just a cheap bastard who doesnīt want to pay for their drugs, this part is for you. Not only is this a money saver, youīll also make sure that your product is clean, along with the satisfaction of knowing that if something goes wrong, its because YOU screwed it up. Not only that, all the ingrediants can be bought legally and easily. I prefer the Morning Glory recipe..

McGuyver Formula
I refer to it as the McGuyver method because of how ghetto this recipe seems. This one was featured in the "Anarchist Cookbook", and some friends have told me it works. This is very similar to the way Albert Hoffman "accidentally" made LSD. When I tried it though, I couldnīt get it to start sporing. After some research, I found a way to make this one better by using yeast. The problem with this one is that it can take a good week for it to start anything, so plan ahead. Though I didnīt trip hard, I got a nice mellow buzz of this. If your taste buds can take it, you can eat the whole bread. Also, IF YOURE ALLERGIC TO PENNICILLAN, DONT USE THIS.

Orange Juice (The kind in a can from concentrate)

Mix equally the pure orange juice out of the can with yeast. Mix in a small bowl until you have a dark orange paste. Spread this ontop of a piece of bread so it is well coated. Once done, put in a damp, unsealed place free from insects & other pests. The key here is to let a mold form out of the paste. What will eventually form are small spores comming off the bread. This is your LSD. Take 3 of these (or how ever many you got) and suck on them. The trip will shortly insue (Potency varies with this formula). Also, Ive heard people talk about this method causing gengrene (some kind of infection or another). Even if I highly doubt this, I wouldnīt rule it out. Any information would help, though I havenīt had problems with this one yet.

Morning Glory
This is far by the best, affordable, and safest homemade LSD recipe. The Morning Glory & Hawaiian Rosewood are both vine/flower plants (The morning glory opens up its flowers at 4 AM). Each seed from them contains a small amount of LSD (normally 1 - 3 micrograms). The key in this recipe is to extract it from the seeds so you can enjoy a trip.

Zippo Lighter Fluid or Naptha (works best. Buy it at Hechingers or Home Depot. Should be under the paint section. Dont worry! You will not be consuming this at all! Make SURE that you read the ingrediants. There are different types, and you do NOT want to use anything containing benzene. If Benzene is listed on there, FIND SOMETHING ELSE.)
Vodka or Rum (use a clear liquor thats more than 50% alcohol)
Morning Glory or Hawaiian Rosewood seeds (at least 200 seeds)
Coffee Filters
2 small jars
Coffee Seed Grinder (dont need, but helps. Try pawn shops & thrift stores)

First, a breif explanation of how this process works. Your Zippo Lighter Fluid or Naptha work as to separate certain chemicals out of the seeds. The liquor you use will be what extracts the pure LSD.
1) Grind the seeds into fine granules or powder. Put these aside.
2) Set up a funnel with a coffee filter. Place ground seeds in the filter and place over a jar.
3) Take about 1/8 of cup of Naptha or Lighter Fluid and pour it over the seeds. Let filter.
4) Throw away the fluid that filtered through, or save it for another time you make the recipe.
5) Place the soaked seeds in a clean, unsealed jar. WAIT 3 DAYS AT THIS POINT. The reason why is because you want the lighter fluid or Naptha to completely evaporate from the seeds. Check these daily. Compare the smell of the seeds to that of the fluid you use. Make SURE you cannot smell it on the seeds. Dont worry. It evaporates quickly, but 3 days is a good safety buffer.
6) With a new filter, put the seeds in it and place over a glass. Take your alcohol (50% or better) and pour about 2 shot glasses full over the seeds and let filter into a glass. Take the filtered alcohol and pour it over the seeds again (in otherwords, do the same process, except use the alcohol you already used) Do this about 5 or 6 times to ensure you get as much LSD out of it as you can.
7) If you want to save it for another time, put it in a fridge. Otherwise, take it like you would a shot of whiskey, but hold it in your mouth and swish it around for about 15 seconds. Drink the rest (or spit it out if you prefer)

Ive also heard rumors about being able to make your own blotter by soaking the tabs in it. Ive never tried it, but it sounds like a good idea. And by now, some of you are thinking this recipe is a crock of shit. No ones forcing you to try it. If you need reassurance, visit our links section. Other sites know of this recipe, and it is well known with some recipe variations better than others.

Morning Glory (3 Hour Recipe)
If you have the need to suddenly take a trip, have no connections, but have the means to make it, here you go. This worked better than the first one, but I ended up burning out the motor on my blender (it was old anyway).  I stole this recipe from another guy, but made it a bit easier to understand. If you have trouble understanding this, refer to the first recipe, and youll undertstand this one better.

I have had luck with the following chemical extractions. All materials obtained from JLF (812)379-2508. They advertize in HIGH TIMES. LSA from woodrose, and morning glory were produced by the following methods:

  • Grind seeds.
  • Mix seeds with same amount gram for l min. in water.
  • Place in blender.
  • Blend on low for 3 hours (to make sure the fats are dissolved).
  • Add oil solvent.
    • Using Zippo Fulid is good, if you get the right kind.
    • I use the white label from Sears. Napatha.
    • You should evaporate to test.
  • Blend for time according to amount of total material.
  • Separate, using syringe, or other ingenious method.
  • Be sure to recover all solvent (in otherwords, your Zippo Fluid or Naptha).
  • Add acid. Acetic, Hcl, any, really. I use vineger.
  • Add one part acid to to two thirds solution.
  • Blend.
  • Add a little more acid (one part per five of the solution or so).
  • Blend.
  • Place in Crock pot and heat on low for one hour.
  • Strain and consume.
  • You may also add solvent to the mixture while in the last blender step, but strain it first to throw the seeds away. You may use any equiptment to check the efficentcy of the first oil extracton.
  • .