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I. Introduction
   1. Regarding This Site
   2. Overview
   3. Disclaimer
II. A Brief LSD History
   1. Who made it, how is             it made.
   2. Legality Status
III. LSD Chemical Facts
   1. Composition
   2. Effects On Brain
   3. LSD Time Line
   4. Dosage, Etc.
IV. F.A.Q and Myths
   1. Questions commonly        asked and myths           disproven.
V. Virgin Voyage
   1. Guidelines and        useful info for first        time trippers
   2. Rules for trip sitters

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LSD Chemical Facts
No scientist for sure knows exactly how LSD really works on the brain. They have concluded that it disrupts the regulation of the chemical serotonin (5-HT). Imagine serotonin as resistor. A resistor is a little piece of metal on an electric circuit board that acts to regulate how much electricity flows through it. Much in the same way, serotonin regulates how much information your brain will pass between the synapses. In otherwords, serotonin is meant to prevent a sensory overload. When LSD is present in the system, the normal flow of serotonin is disrupted. This allows more information in the brain to fired off, often going in directions not governed by serotonin. The result is an increase in sensory stimulation.

Also, I would like to explain something I found out. If you are taking any anti-depressant drugs, you will have a natural LSD tolerance. Because anti-depressants allow more serotonin to enter the brain, the LSD will have a harder time working. Therefore, you will need stronger amounts for it to work.

A myth that people commonly use to discourage LSD usage is by saying that it burns a hole in the brain. This is false for these reasons:
1) The amount of pure LSD in each hit that is commonly ingested is about 20 times smaller than a grain of salt. The rest is inert ingrediants.
2) Regarding that it can burn holes in the stomach, keep in mind that the stomach contains hydrochloric acid (HCl), which is much more acidic than LSD
3) You cannot ingest enough LSD to burn a hole in any part of your body, nor could anyone afford it to do so.
4) Blood contains a pH buffer (hemoglobin) which will regulate the strength of LSD´s acidic properties.
5) LSD does not act directly on the brain. It remains at the base of the brain stem, flips a switch in the brain, and is neutralized, remaining within your spinal cord. Residual LSD ingrediants are stored in body fats were they are slowly, but eventually, emulsified.

Though it is an acid, it is not enough to do any damage. The pH of LSD is about 4 (sodas and orange juice have a pH of 2-3.)

LSD: Way, Shape & Form
Listed are the more common forms of LSD, the pro´s and con´s of each, and any other information youll need.

Knowing the Dose
One of the most amazing things about LSD is its potency. When you take a drop of LSD, the amount that actually causes the trip is too small to be measured by any convential scale. In fact, LSD is the only drug that is measured in micrograms (1/1,000,000 of a gram). A normal dose of LSD ranges from 100 - 200 micrograms a piece; 20 times smaller than a grain of salt! Though your size will determine how much it takes for any effects, the minimum threshold for LSD effects lie at 30 micrograms and up in most individuals. The price you pay will depend on the dosage. Each hit of LSD in any form can range from $2 - $10 dollars. You can buy LSD in bulk, but this requires quite a bit of money.

Liquid LSD (??? micrograms per drop)
PROS: Liquid LSD is the best if you can obtain it. It is more potent than other forms, and you´ll save money on drops as opposed to other kinds. Even if you´re tolerant, liquid is very effective. Its easier to keep under wraps, because is comes in one of those liquid breat mint bottles, which are small, and can be mistaken for something else other than LSD.
CONS: In some places, its nearly impossible to find someone selling liquid LSD. The problem with liquid is that the only means to determine its potency is by trying some of it yourself. Though you run no risk of overdosing to death, you do run the risk of taking a dangerous dose that could lead to severe psychosis during your trip (psychosis meaning you do not know it is a drug causing the hallucinations, and youre uncontrolable.) Unless you know the dealer, you wont know its strength. Another problem is that you can´t store it unless you drop it on a sugar cube or animal cracker. A whole acid bottle (often refered to as a "vile") can cost anywhere from $200-$500 dollars each, so unless you plan on selling it or taking the trip of a life time, theres no purpose in having it.
HOW TO: Each drop is taken orally on the tongue. Effects are felt 30 to 60 minutes later depending on your weight and dosage.

Blotter Paper (175 - 350 micrograms per tab)
PROS: Blotter is the most common. It is LSD soaked tabs of paper that can be from millimeters in size to postage stamps. They often come on sheets, normally with pictures such as the one below on it. The best thing about paper is that it is easy to conceal, and if youre a light weight tripper, you can tear the tabs in half and save money. Tabs are also best for virgin trippers, enabling you to take half the dose, preview the effects, and determine whether or not you want the rest of it.
CONS: Though it is a myth, blotter paper made by cheap and dishonest dealers is said to contain strychnine, a prime ingrediant in rat poison. Though this is extremely rare, it is not unheard of. There will  not nearly enough to do any damage to you, but its still not good to have it on there (yes, you can take a trip on rat poison, but youd have to be retarded to attempt it. Many have tried and died).
HOW TO: Each tab should be place on the inside of the cheek or on the tongue and sucked on for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Sugar Cubes/Animal Crackers (150 - 350 micrograms each)
PROS: These are probably the safest of all types. Each sugar cube or animal cracker contains 1 to 3 drops (more common is 3) of liquid acid. These can be stored for later use. If you do get these, store them in a dark, cool place. LSD easily evaporates and can break down when exposed to light for too long. The back of a refridgerator works best.
CONS: You could be paying $5 bucks for a sugar cube or animal cracker which contains no LSD at all. Crooked dealers are known for this. If youre buying these from someone for the first time, buy only 1. You dont want to waste cash on useless cookies and sugar. If thats not worse, they may contain only 1 hit each. LSD breaks down quickly, so they put a common 3 drops of acid on each one to insure that it is good when they sell it. The problem with these is that you cant split them in half without knowing which side it was dropped on. Though there is no way to test for this with animal crackers, you can easily check which side of the sugar cube it was dropped on. The acid should stain a yellowish color under a black light.
HOW TO: Suck each one until it dissolves in your mouth. Hold the dissolved cracker or cube in your mouth for about a minute then swallow.

Windowpanes (150+ micrograms each)
PROS: You get quite a trip with one of these. Windowpanes are Jell-O squares containing acid. They´re rather tastey, and no one searching your house will suspect these to contain anything (unless a fat ass cop gets hungry and goes berserk.) These are only common at parties and are not sold on the street. Best if you plan on saving the LSD for more than a month, for Jell-O will prevent the acid from breaking down.
CONS: These are not too common, so theres nothing harmful about these except that you will only know how much acid it contains by taking it.
HOW TO: Eat it by dissolving each bite in your mouth first (until its liquid Jell-O again) then swallowing.

LSD by the Hour
This is a time line showing the initial effects over a 12 hour period.

30 minutes after dose - user will feel as if they can move a lot quicker. Pupils may be slightly larger. Reponse to surprised movements and sounds.

1 hour later - Emotions may be stronger than usual. A tingling effect in the legs and head can be felt. Pupils dialated. Trails can be seen slightly.

1 - 2 hours later - Emotions peak 10 times stronger than usual. Trails are clearly visible. User feels as if they are floating. Speech may become harder or be broken up. A quickness of movement is experienced. Memory recall may be impaired. Images may be seen while eyes are closed. Object distortions may happen on the edge of their field of vision. Sleep becomes impossible

2 - 4 hours later - Plateu of the whole trip. Visual distortions in objects become apparant, including a psychadelic glow around some objects. Emotions are stronger than before, and speech may be impaired with stutters or word salads. User is open to honesty at times. User may also be unable to keep a train of thought for more than 10 seconds. A massive floating effect is heard. Insignificant patterns and movement may entrance user. Music becomes enhanced. Field of vision becomes wavy.

4 - 6 hours later - Comming-down period. Object distortions & trails are highly visual. Users emotions will calm down to normal. May be followed by outbursts of lethargy (being tired & uncarring).

6 to 12 hours later - Visuals are gone, trails become slightly visible. Users emotions are at rest. Serotonin regulation is back to normal and sleep will follow.